Dry skin…

This blog is all about the girls and guys out there who need a little help with their dry skin.  As for me, my skin is super dry.  It peels, flakes, cracks, and is super sensitive to almost everything.  Especially now with it being winter and the air being super dry, my skin is suffering immensely.  After having my skin being in this state for a couple of months, I now have learned how to manage it and fix it over time.

First, the basics.  Of course, you all know to wash your face every morning and night.  I use the Cetaphil cleanser because it is made especially for sensitive skin.  It moisturizes the skin with out leaving it oily, it doesn’t burn when you apply it, and overall I highly recommend it.  How I use mine is I apply the product to a dry face while heating up warm water.  When I have rubbed in the cleanser, I take my Dual Action Cleansing Brush, turn it on and put water on it.  I use the brush to further more rub the product in my face and get all of the dead skin off of my face.  After that, I mix the Cetaphil moisturizer and the Josie Maran Argan Oil and apply it all over my face.  I then take the Mary Kay extra emollient night cream and apply it to my super dry areas like my forehead, eyes, and lips.

Now of course you have also heard drinking lots of water can help your skin stay super hydrated.  I am currently in biology right now, so the science part is that your cells are mostly made up of water, so if they do not get enough, they shrivel up and die.  That process is one of the ways dry skin is formed.  So I highly recommend drinking plenty of water.

Here’s a quick tip.  If you want to get rid of the stubborn dry flakes on your skin, take a little bit of oil (it could be olive oil if you wanted) and just rub it on your dry patch.  It will slowly ball up on your face and your skin will smooth and soft as ever.  After you do that I recommend washing your face and moisturizing.

I hope this tips and tricks have helped you manage your skin through the dry seasons of the years.  If you have any more tips comment below and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at ktbeautybrands@gmail.com (:                XOXO kt💮


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