Naked 2 vs. Naked 3

Today I thought I would review classic products: The Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes.  Both are great products and whenever I wear eyeshadow, these are the products I reach for.  In this post, I will be going over prices, pros, cons, swatches, and the overall quality of these products.

Starting with the prices, both are 54 dollars.  I got both of mine from Sephora.  I think for 12 shadows, and the overall quality of the product, it is totally worth the money.  I have green eyes so personally I like the Naked 3 palette better just because the rosy colors bring out the green in my eyes.  If you have brown eyes or blue eyes, I would definitely purchase the Naked 2 palette just because the bronze and brown shadows compliment brown and blue eyes phenomenally.

Pros of Naked 2: The Naked 2 palette is great for all year round.  It is great in the summer for when you have golden, tan skin and in autumn when those colors are mostly worn.  An awesome thing is that the palette comes with both shimmer and matte shadows, so if you are traveling all you need is this one palette.  These colors are also super natural and easy to wear.  If you wet your brush before applying the shimmer shadows, they get intense without going overboard.

Cons of Naked 2: I have found out that if you do not apply this product over a primer, throughout the day, this product will wear off.  They look great if you apply them with or without a primer but if you don’t use a primer, don’t expect for it to last all day.  Also, some of the matte shades are a little chalky and powdery.  Those shades I would use as transition shades and with them being chalky, they do not blend as easily.

Pros of Naked 3: These shadows are BEAUTIFUL! I love them and the Naked 3 palette is my favorite out of all of them. They are highly pigmented, very versatile, complementing to any color eyes, and is a good buy.  These shadows are great for the winter time.  The rosy hues are amazing and I love the finished product.

Cons of Naked 3: Particularly in this palette, I find that the shimmer shades have an enormous amount of fallout.  If you apply these shadows on top of a primer, they might last a little longer, but by the end of the day expect to see some glitter under your eyes. You also need to build these shadows for that high amount of pigmentation.

Swatches of Naked 2 & 3:

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