10 reasons why you should buy the actual bullet journal


Here are my short 10 reasons why you should buy the actual bullet journal:

10. It will help you stay organized! It comes with an introductory so you know how to get the most use out of it.

9. There are no rules! You can bullet journal however you like and do whatever works best for you!

8. The Bullet Journal website is phenomenal and has an abundance of tips and videos on how to use the journal.

7. It is broken down into different sections so you know where to find everything.

6. It has the words Bullet Journal on the front which is pretty awesome.

5. It comes in black or emerald which are both great colors to spark creativity.

4. You won’t lose interest when using the Bullet Journal because there are infinite possibilities of what you can fill it with.

3. On the Bullet Journal website, there is a blog that always has the latest content and most of it is posted by the creator himself, Ryder Carroll!

2. If you have any questions, on the website linked above, there is Contact Us link where you can send them an email and they get back to you normally less than a day

1. Get one of these journals to show your thanks and suppport to those who help us keep our lives organized.  Without them, we would struggle on a day to day basis with our cluttered minds.

Hope you enjoyed these reasons and if you have a bullet journal comment down below your favorite thing about it!

XOXO kt💮


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