Acrylic or Shellac nails?

It’s Friday!

Today, I was typing something on my computer and looked down and noticed that my nail polish had chipped.  I was pretty bummed, but I went to the salon about two weeks ago which is about how long shellac polish is supposed to last.  I started thinking and decided to write down what I love and what I’m not crazy about acrylic and shellac nails.

Acrylic: I have gotten acrylic nails many times.  I love them for the most part, I love the extra length they give me. I like that you can get the shape that you want.  I don’t like however the sounds and tools they use to put on the nails.  It also takes a long time depending what you get done to your nails.  I never worry about my acrylic nails chipping. I love not worrying about it. On the downside, they hurt extremely bad when you hit them the wrong way.

Shellac: I love shellac polish. I love the feel of it, the shininess, and the thickness.  Shellac is a great way to go.  It stays on and if you play sports, you don’t have to worry about getting hit and it hurting in the nail.  I love shellac nails and I think it works best for everyone.

Comment below which is your favorite and hope you enjoyed these pros and cons!

XOXO kt💮


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