New Product! Elf Highlighter!

So I normally don’t post twice in one day but I needed to run to target so I had to stop in the makeup section. I have wanted to get this product forever because of the great reviews. This is an only a first impression so in about two weeks I will do an update on how it wears, how long it lasts, and things like that.

This product is only $4!! This packaging is so simple and it really makes it looks nice. So this product is really highly pigmented BUT you have to really get in there and scrape off the top layer to get to the creamy and pigmented highlight. The swatch below on the left is the one before you scrape off the layer and the one on the right is about two or three layers.

So far, this shade is really beautiful and can’t wait to see how it wears on the face. This is the shade Blushing Gems and I am in love. Comment below about this shades or how you like to wear them.

XOXO, kt💮


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