My makeup routine!

Okay so it is Thursday evening and I wanted to do a post about how I have been wearing my makeup this past week. If you read my last post, you would know that last week, I got a new highlighter and I have been testing that out. In this post, I will have the products used, their prices, and their links.

This past winter, I have had serious skin issues. It has been super dry, flakey, and just covered in bumps; so, I haven’t used face makeup since November. I also have super sensitive skin so that didn’t help. It has really helped improve my skin, I hardly ever get anymore pimples. My face has really started to clear up and I love it. I just wanted to provide some background information so yall knew my skin struggles.

Moisturizer: I know this doesn’t really qualify as makeup, but I do use this before my makeup so I thought I would include it anyways. I have mentioned this numerous times and I love it. It has an SPF of 50+. It smells like sunscreen and I love that smell. It is $13 at Walmart.


Concealer: I use the Mary Kay concealer and I love it. It is so high coverage and it blends beautifully.  I have had this product for a long time and I don’t think they sell it anymore, but there are others on their website. It is $16 and I highly recommend it.


Sponge: This product is great, mine is a little dirty but it is what it is. I like this sponge, it is one of the better ones in my opinion. It is $6.99 at Target and good for the price.


Powder/Bronzer: So this powder and bronzer I am using are in a special edition palette but I linked the IT Cosmetics website. This stuff is pretty good, no complaints.

Brush: It is $29 and it is amazing. It is my go to and it blends out my makeup perfectly. I really love using it for my bronzer because it is so big and soft.







Highlight: This highlight is the best in the freaking world! It is only $4 and it is worth so much more. They come in 3 different shades and they are amazing. Make sure you scrape off the top layer so you get to the good stuff.


Mascara: I love this mascara. I have posted about this one before and it is the best. Absolutely love it. My eyelashes look perfect every time. I highly recommend this product and it is cheap at $5.76.


And that is my makeup routine for this week! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to be posting the full review on the Elf Highlighter next week! Comment if you have any of these products or what you think of them. What are yalls go to makeup product? Hope you enjoyed!

XOXO, kt💮


One Reply to “My makeup routine!”

  1. I tried the mascara before and I didn’t like how big the wand was because I prefer a skinnier one but other than that it works just as well! 🙂 I have the elf highlighter too and it’s soo beautiful for just 4 bucks!


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