Revitalash First Impressions

Happy Spring Break! Where I am it is currently Spring Break and I have taken this opportunity to do a first impression on a couple Revitalash products. I was sent an eyeliner and a tinted eyebrow gel. By first glance, the packaging is very appealing and clean-looking. I will go over price, pigment, and first impression how they look.

First is the eyebrow gel. It is in the shade soft brown. I do not fill in my brows with anything and I just use this brow gel. It has a nice tint to it. You can’t really feel it in your eyebrows but to the touch they do feel kind of tacky. From first impression, I like this product. It is 32 dollars and it is definitely worth it. It comes with the wand on one side and a brush on the other.

Now my eyebrows could use a little work but the one on the left is without product and the one on the right is with it.

Now the eyeliner. The eyeliner is very nice. I really like it. It is very smooth and creamy and I personally like it on the water and tightline. It is in the shade Raven. What’s cool about the eyeliner is one one side is the eyeliner and the other side is a smudger. It is 28 dollars and is amazing. There are other ways to wear this and there are a lot of uses for the liner.

I hoped this first impression was helpful and insightful. In about two weeks I will do an update on how these products are working.

XOXO, kt💮


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