First Impression: Volume Accelerator Mascara

Happy Hump Day! It’s almost Friday! So last week before prom when I picked up a new foundation, I grabbed a new mascara because I love trying new mascaras. I looked through the Rimmel section at the drugstore and tried to find one of my old favorites Lash Accelerator MascaraIt was one of my favorites over the summer and is one of the best mascaras for length which is what I love. Target was all sold out, so I got the Volume Accelerator MascaraIn this first impression I’m going to talk about price, how I have been applying it, how I like it, and how it wears.

Price: This product is from Rimmel so obviously it is not going to be that expensive. From Target, it is $5.89. At Ulta, it is about 4 dollars more which is really strange. But pricing wise, really affordable. I like Rimmel’s mascaras, they are a great drugstore option for high end products.

Application: This mascara I find has more of a tacky, stringy like formula. You would think that it would stick well to the lashes but interestingly enough, it goes on pretty liquidy. Its formula is almost too liquidy to stick to the lashes. It doesn’t go on to the tips of the lashes for the length that I would want to but it is understandable for a volumizing mascara. It’s not my favorite application but I have been applying the falsies mascara on top of it and it has been helping.

Wearing: When it first applies, it looks great and it has a nice feel to it. By the end of the day when I go to take off my makeup, I find that there are specs and mascara under my eyes. I would recommend using a primer before applying the mascara.

Overall: I think that overall, this mascara is going to work out well. Once I get the first applications over with, then the mascara will apply smoothly and the way I want it to.

If you have the mascara, comment how you like it or how you like to apply it.

XOXO, kt💮



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