Review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

So over the weekend, I went shopping for my facial cleanser and such, and I checked to see if Target had restocked on this mascara and they did! I picked one up and I was so happy! Although this is a new tube, I have tried this mascara many times before and love it. I thought I would share my opinions about this mascara and recommend it to everyone who loves long lashes.

Packaging: This packaging reminds me of a fitness powder container. Maybe it’s the font or the colors but it looks “healthy” to me. It’s not girly or cute but I think if it is marketing long lashes, this packaging really works well.

lash accelerator

Price: This mascara is made by Rimmel so it is a drugstore product. At Target, it is $5.89. Super cheap for how amazing this product is.

Application: When you first use this, this product applies a little bit runny. Once you get to using it for about two weeks the formula starts to get sort of tacky and really sticks to your lashes. I like to rotate the wand and wiggle it through the lashes. I also go back and focus just on the tips of the lashes. I always curl my lashes before applying.

Wear: This mascara lasts all day. When I go to take it off, I don’t see flakes under my eyes. When taking off, it comes off so easily and I can see growth in my natural lashes.

ConsThe only cons I can think of for this product is that my eyelashes seem to droop after a little while. The other one is that you do have to use the product more before it gets to be a nice consistency.

I really recommend this product to everyone who wants longer lashes. Comment your favorite way for your lashes to look.

XOXO, kt💮


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