Makeup Brushes 101

When one of my best friends turned 16, all she wanted was makeup brushes but, she was not quite sure what each brush was for. I thought that posting a layout of what each brush looks like and what they are used for would be helpful for new makeup users or for those who just have questions. I have broken up each section by each brush category and a picture.

Foundation: There are many different makeup brushes/sponges for foundation. You can see in the picture below, the sponge on top is a little dirty but it is what I normally use for my concealer/foundation. It provides sheer/light coverage because the sponge does The brush on the far left is from IT cosmetics and I love it. It retails for $58 from IT. It is very soft and smooths out foundation beautifully and provides full coverage. The brush in the middle is also a good option and provides medium coverage. The one on the left is also one of my favorites and is the basic buffer brush I got for about $1 from Amazon.foundationEyeshadow: There are BUNCHES of eyeshadow brushes for different uses. The two on the left are flat eyeshadow applicators and are typically used for applying a lid color. The two to the left of those are crease brushes and are meant to apply the crease color. The one on the far right is a blending brush and is meant for blending out the crease colors and the lid color and making everything look seamless.


Powder/Blush/Bronzer: Powder, blush, and bronzer brushes could all be used as the same for me. The one on the left is less dense and that is what I use for powder for that reason. The one on the right is more dense and soft so it creates a wonderful blush and bronzer application. Also another couple of my favorite bronzer brushes are not pictured, but one is my angled kabuki brush and another is a pointed powder brush.

bronzer blush

Highlight: I love highlight and in order for it to look nice, it must be applied with a good brush.  The brush on the left is very small and it is fine but it makes it harder for it to blend out. The one on the left is my favorite way to apply highlight because it blends flawlessly.


Let me know your favorite brushes and ways to use them. I hope you all found this little tip guide helpful.

XOXO, kt💮


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