First Impression: ABH Glow Kit Sun Dipped

The other night, I went to the mall to get a MAC concealer and they were out. I started looking around and picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped. I have had it for about three days and I am in love. I thought I would do a first impression and let you all know my thoughts.

glow kit cover


This is the packaging. It is extremely classic and beautiful. It comes with a sleeve and the palette is on the inside. This retails for $40 and it may seem like a lot but you get a lot of product in this palette. You get four shades which means you’re spending about $10 per highlight.

These are the shades. They are beautiful. The picture on the left is not with the flash and the one on the right is with the flash. As you can see, these palettes are pretty big. They come with a lot of product and a little goes a long way. The way I was recommended to apply it was with a fan brush or a damp beauty blender. These colors feel like absolute butter. They are so creamy and blend out super smoothly.


Starting from the top, the name of this is Bronze. It is described on the website as amber with a penny metal finish. For me right now, I am too pale to wear this as a highlight but I put it on my sister who is darker than me and it is stunning. When I wear strapless dresses or tops, I put it on my collarbones and it looks flawless. The shade below Bronze is Tourmaline. This is definitely a unique shade. In the palette it looks lavender but on the face it looks like a frosty rose gold. This is described as being warm taupe with a rose gold finish. If you have paler skin, then I would mix this shade with one of the two lighter ones and it looks phenomenal. The one below that is called Moonstone. This one is probably my favorite one out of the palette just because it fits my skin tone the best. It is described as radiant quartz with a pearl finish. It reminds me as sort of a dupe for Champagne Pop. The bottom shade is probably the lightest out of the palette and it is Summer. This one I think is a bit too yellowy for me but it is still a beautiful shade. It is described as luminous sand with a white gold finish. It is stunning on the inner corner off the eyes.

Bottom line, this palette is amazing and versatile which is what I think is the best thing. Some people say that this palette is best for deeper skin tones, but I am very pale and this palette still looks stunning. I highly recommend this product.

Let me know what shades yall love and what is your favorite thing to use to apply it.

XOXO, kt๐Ÿ’ฎ


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