Review: The Dew Puff

I received this product about two weeks ago and I thought today would be a good day to write my review. So these sponges are meant to replace a washcloth when taking off your makeup. There are three different kinds: the Original meant for all skin types, the Asian Clay which is meant for dry and aging skin, lastly there is the bamboo charcoal one for blemish prone skin. I will admit that I have yet to use the bamboo charcoal one because my skin is so dry I’m afraid of what the charcoal would do to me. I’m going to ask one of my friends to test it out for me so stay posted as it will be uploaded within a week to this post.

I’m going to start with a bit of background information. The company sent me a brochure and a letter explaining and providing a bit more information about the Dew Puff. So this product retails for about eight dollars which honestly isn’t that much. The brochure claims that it keeps you naturally hydrated because of the pH balance, that there’s no preservatives, 100% natural Kojak fiber, and you can use this product alone or with the cleanser. I personally use this with the cleanser because I find it leaves my skin even more hydrating cleaner than what it could be a alone. For cleanser you can use whatever type you had one hand I think anytime will work. I use the Cetaphill cleanser because it’s just personally one of my favorites.

Above, you can see the size difference from completely dry to completely soaked. The one on the left is what it looks like completely dried down. The one is the middle is what it looks like 12 hours after you’ve used it. The one on the right is what it looks like right after you run it under water.

Original- So the original sponge was very soft and very similar to the Asian clay one that is meant for dry skin. I think that’s the safest one to buy if you’re unsure just because it works on all skin types. After using it, your face will look and feel clean as well as soft.

Asian Clay- This sponge is my favorite out of the two I have tried because after I use it my skin feels like I just put moisturizer on. Something about the Asian play just re-hydrates your skin and leaves feeling super soft. If you have really dry skin I really recommend the sponge because unlike a brush, this is not to get your skin it’s very soft and it glides on top of your skin and removes all your make up and leaves your skin feeling new.

Bamboo Charcoal- So I had one of my friends try this out for about a month now and she loves it. She uses it with a moisturizing cleanser so it isn’t super dry. She can see a difference in her skin and how it isn’t as oily and her face looks even and smooth. She really loves the Dew Puff and recommends it.

My final thoughts on this product is that it’s a real winner in it will work for everyone. You can go generic and get the Original for appear clean or you can get the sponge that is not for your skin type and either one will work beautifully. I think for Christmas and this would be a great gift as a stocking stuffer or for just in general. I really recommend spending the eight dollars and buying the sponge. You can sanitize it by soaking it and putting it in the microwave for a minute and it can last up to three months.

If you have tried the Dew Puff before, comment down below your thoughts on it or helpful tips on how to use it.

XOXO, kt


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