July 3- Favorite Brand

I decided to break this one down into two categories: drugstore and highend. 

Drugstore: My favorite drugstore makeup brand has to be Maybelline. I love all of their products such as mascara, highlight, and foundation. With my skin being super sensitive, it is hard for me to find makeup that doesn’t break out my skin. The dewy formula in FitMe is my favorite in the summer time when I wear makeup. The falsies mascara is one of my all time favorites too. 

Highend: Honestly I don’t use a lot of highend products because I don’t want to spend a lot of money on that might not agree with my skin. If I had to choose a brand, it would probably be MAC just because I’ve used their products repeatedly and it does not mess up my skin. I love their concelear and mascara. I highly recommend them for dry skin. 

What are yalls favorite makeup brands? Comment down below and let me know!

XOXO, kt


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