What makeup I got for Christmas

Happy New Year! Today I thought it was finally time to post about the makeup I got for Christmas. Most of these products have been around for a while but all of them made it on my list. I am extremely grateful for what I got and will continue to play around with these products.

Prep + Prime – $26.00 – Everyone has heard of Fix + and I had never tried it before. I have super dry skin and I have a hard time of finding face products that don’t dry me out and break me out. This product is honestly at the top of my list. I love this stuff and I use it about 5 times a day. I use it after my toner and moisturizer in the morning and I can feel and see a difference in my skin. I stay hydrated longer and I don’t feel the need to apply moisturizer that often. I use this as more as a refresher and also use it when applying eyeshadow and highlight if I want it to have the extra pop. Highly recommend this product no matter your skin type.


Travel size BECCA Backlight Primer – $18.00 – I am all for a dewy complexion and hydrated skin. This product is beautiful by itself or underneath foundation. Now I have really sensitive skin so when I wore this the first time, I noticed a little bit of irritation in my skin, but the more I wear it, my skin gets used to it. It looks nice and dewy on your skin.

Smashbox Travel Priming Kit – $22.00 – I am absolutely in love with this priming kit. The water as well as the primers themselves. I have pretty average size pores but I definitely notice a difference in size. I notice that my makeup stays longer and it is for sure one of my favorites at the moment.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream (light) – $38.00 – I am typically not a full coverage person. I normally stay towards minimal concealer and a dewy complexion but this CC cream is everything. It makes your skin look like you’re glowing from within and covers everything! My grandmother actually bought the supersize version of this and I tried it and fell absolutely in love. I like applying these with a stippling brush rather than the brush shown because that one makes it look a bit streaky.

Naked Skin Concealer (Medium-light) – $29.00 – I got this concealer from a friend and I only heard good things about it. This is a very high coverage concealer but I typically only use it to spot conceal. This shade is a little on the dark side for me so what I have been doing is putting in on where I want coverage and blending it out with the Instant Age Rewind concealer that I use to highlight my face. I have been loving this combination and highly recommend.

PUR Cosmetics Sculpt and Highlight Travel palettes – $14.00 – These products I am still playing around with. The highlights are beautiful and really compliment my skin tone. They also have very neutral undertones so they would work on varied skin tones. The bronzers are either very warm, cool, or glittery. I find mixing them together cakes on a lot of product and using them by themselves the undertone isn’t right. That being said, I have a very neutral undertone so it’s difficult to find bronzers that fit me just right. If you have a warmer or cooler skin tone these would be perfect for you.

Naked Smokey Palette – ON SALE $27.00 – Just like my skin, my eyelids are extremely sensitive. I find that the Naked palettes are some of the only eyeshadows that stay all day and don’t break me out. This palette specifically, I think the colors are stunning but swatching them, the shimmers are a little on the crumbly side and the mattes are a little on the chalky side. I think in all the Naked palettes the shimmers are a bit crumbly but in this palette I noticed it more with the darker shadows.

Stila Cushion Eyeliner – ON SALE $4.00 – I am a fan of liquid brush eyeliners. I find it super easy to create a wing. These, take a lot of work to get a nice straight line but once you figure it out, they look stunning.

Stila Liquid Lipstick Set – $20.00 –  These stay all day. I love them and the colors I have a beautiful. They are also travel size so they are perfect for on the go. The darker one I found to be a little streaky but still a beautiful color.

Estee Lauder lipstick – $32.00 – The formula of these are so nice and smooth. I sometimes even use these on my cheeks for a wash of color. These aren’t super long wearing but they are super easy to touch up.

I hope you guys found some of this helpful and comment down below what you got for Christmas! If you have any tips for these products comment those as well (:

XOXO, kt








So this weekend was my boyfriends Junior Prom so I thought I would share some pictures and talk about my dress, hair, and makeup. 

Here is my dress and I am absolutely in love with it! It was originally $168 but it was about 60% off so I got it for about $70. My mom also I had some gift cards so it brought the price down to $6. It was so comfortable and I could move in it. My favorite thing about the dress was the pockets. I love a dress with pockets. I kept a lipstick and my phone with me. I got this dress at JCPenny’s and I love it. 

I feel like in this picture you can see my makeup really well. My mom has a friend who used to do professional makeup and she did mine for prom. Normally, I’m comfortable in a coat or two of mascara. This did feel like a lot of makeup but it lasted forever and didn’t cause my skin any problems. The lady who did my makeup used a lot of MAC products so I highly that brand if you have sensitive skin like me. I put on some of the ELF highlighter and it shows up beautifully in the picture below. 

I went to the salon really early that day to get my hair done. I was very pleased with it and overall really happy. It was two Dutch braids and they connected in the back with some lose curls and a couple pieces framing my face. If I had to do it again, maybe take fewer pieces to frame the face. 

I had a really fun time with my boyfriend and can’t wait until next year. 

XOXO, kt

February Favorites

Since it is the last the last day of February, I thought I would post about my February favorites.  My favorites will range anywhere from beauty, fashion, food, and television.  If you want to know more about my favorites than just keep reading(:

Beauty: Like I said in my last post, over the past couple of months my skin has been super dry.  This month though, has been the month were I finally have found a routine that works for me.  My beauty favorites for February are the Dual Action Cleansing Brush, Cetaphil Moisturizer, Cetaphil Cleanser, and Josie Maran Argan Oil.  They all have helped my skin get where it is today and it has improved a lot in just the few weeks I have been using these products.

Fashion: I have noticed, this past month, I have been reaching for my olive-green jacket with a clinched waist a lot.  It matches with everything and I love pairing it with another favorite of mine, SODA black wedges.  I also have green eyes so the olive really brings out the green.  My last favorite is jewelry rather than fashion but it is definitely deserves to be in my favorites.  I got my cartilage pierced this month and I am in love with it!!!!

Television: This month I have had three main shows: Jane the Virgin, Switched at Birth, and Grey’s Anatomy. All of these shows are on Netflix and I highly recommend all of them.  I love them so much and I binge watched them all.  They are seriously so good.  All of them have their serious times and their funnies so all of them are great!

I hope you enjoyed my February Favorites and I hope you are looking forward to more of my future posts! XOXO kt💮