Mario Badescu Rosewater vs. MAC Fix +

A lot of people have come to discover the many uses of the Mario Badescu spray and the MAC Fix +. I get asked all the time which I like better and which I think does an overall job. I have come to the conclusion that I love both of them but for different reasons. I find that the Mario Badescu has uses that the MAC Fix + does not and vice versa.


Mario Badescu – Rose Water: One of the many reasons I love this so much is the price tag. For 4oz you pay $7.00 and for 8oz you pay $12.00. I have noticed with this spray that my face has become more of an even tone and less red. I use this spray constantly. I use this mostly as a refresher to the skin and after moisturizer. If I don’t end up using a toner, I tend to use this instead. I don’t like this for making eyeshadows and highlights more vibrant. I use this as a toner spray as well as a priming and setting spray. I like the nozzle on this a lot better than the Fix +. This spray, if you spray it once it’ll spray your whole face versus the Fix + that will spray one area.

MAC Fix +:This product is a bit pricier than the Badescu spray but it is more of a 2-in-1 spray. It retails for $25.00 This is good for your skin as a refresher and after moisturizer. It is very hydrating and I notice that my skin is more dewy and vibrant. I also love using this for eyeshadows and highlights to really make them pop. I love using this as a priming and setting spray. I have not tried the new launch of Fix +  but I need to. Overall I like the Fix + when I need a quick refresher for my skin.

Comment down below which you like better or if there are other sprays you like better!

XOXO, kt


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